Julianna Barwick Is Using the New York Sky to Make Music

The New Yorker - 04-22


On a recent Tuesday evening, the experimental musician Julianna Barwick checked into Sister City, a new two-hundred-room boutique hotel on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. If you’re having the sort of day that makes you want to minimize human interaction, Sister City is a merciful oasis: there are self-service registration kiosks in the lobby, and each floor features a supply closet containing the sorts of sundries that you’d usually have to request from the concierge. The lobby has sparse but careful décor—clean white walls, cherry-wood furniture, floor tiles in muted shades of green and gray—suggesting a Scandinavian sauna, or perhaps the careful serenity of a Japanese stationery store; the vibe is “Serenity Now!” filtered through Instagram.