Jeff Daniels makes Jimmy Fallon eat gross snacks while revealing what movie nearly made him quit

A.V. Club - 02-19


Jeff Daniels might be clearing mantel space for the Tony he’s going to win for playing Atticus Finch in pal Aaron Sorkin’s Broadway production of To Kill A Mockingbird, but life for the 64-year-old actor isn’t all crackling bread and Lane cakes. Telling Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s Tonight Show that Atticus’ crisp court suits are cut tight, the four-decade acting veteran explained that he’s had to develop his own dietetic snacks to keep in injustice-fighting trim for the show. Gamely digging into the ingredients Fallon provided, Daniels whipped up a pair of his signature delicacy for himself and Fallon. And if Fallon habitually makes his famous guests do Double Dare-level stunts every night, then Daniels got some revenge on behalf of celebrities everywhere, as Fallon reluctantly choked down a few bites of a rice cake slathered in peanut butter (so far so good), and doused in lashings of barbecue sauce. (An audience member gave it a shot, too, and couldn’t muster up even a courtesy thumbs-up for the beloved star’s benefit.)