Instagram Gallery: Beyonce & Jay-Z's Cutest Couple Pics - 03-24


With a combined net worth of a staggering $1.2 billion, there's no disputing Beyonce and Jay-Z's power-couple status in the entertainment industry. Near-universally acclaimed for their unique contributions to hip-hop, R&B and the culture as a whole, the partnership between Bey and Jay seemed to be a solid, untouchable and natural union of two artists at the top of their game. However, claims of infidelity, dishonesty, and the addition of one Becky With The Good Hair into their relationship made waves in their marriage and caused haters and the Beyhive alike to wonder if the two mega-stars would eventually go their separate ways. However, thanks to counseling, communication, hard work and studio confessionals, Bey and Hov have recommitted themselves to one another and are now stronger than ever.