Every Time Shailene Woodley Has Reminded Us She's Alternative AF

E! Online - 11-15


Shailene Woodleyis not like the rest of us.As Hollywood's ultimate A-list outsider, theBig Little Liesstar has never passed up an opportunity during the span of her decade-plus career to remind us that, though she's an actor, she doesn't buy into the trappings of celebrity or even the traditional material world. Shailene, who rose to fame on the ABC Family seriesThe Secret Life of the American Teenagerin 2008 and turns 27 on November 15, has become something of the poster child for the star who wants to be anything but.After all, this is the woman who once toldPapermagazine in 2011, "I'm fine with saying the normal 'F' and 'C' words, but famous and celebrity are off-limits in my book, I just think they are nasty words."In honor of her big day, a day in which we can only begin to imagine the alternative AF way she plans to celebrate, let's take a look at all the times Shailene has gone to great lengths to prove to us that she's living on an entirely different plane of existence.