David Letterman Isn’t Hip to Jimmy Fallon’s Avocado Toast

Vulture - 02-16


We like to imagine filthy rich comedians are just like us, minus those rife-with-zeros checking accounts that allow them to give ridiculously thoughtful gifts to their family and friends without thinking of overdraft fees. (Also, they’re much funnier than we are.) This scenario applies to Jimmy Fallon, who, despite not showing up in any photo with David Letterman during a Getty Images search, is apparently close enough to the bearded maestro that he sent him a very millennial yuletide present this past December — a present that seemingly perplexed the former Late Show host. “I got one from David Letterman recently because I sent out avocado toasts for the holidays,” Fallon told Buzzfeed when asked to discuss a recent card he received. “He sent me a thank-you note saying, ‘Thanks for the guacamole, kid.’ Which is not what I sent him at all.” Or did he? Remove that cumbersome bread and investigate.