‘Click Interview’ with Soman: ‘I Am Fond Of Ignoring Rules’

side-line.com - 03-24


Kolja Trelle is not exactly what I would qualify as a ‘traditional’ electronic artist. His debut album “Sound Pressure” released in 2003 on Out Of Line revealed a real sonic challenge consisting of EBM and industrial music mixed with techno music. The next full lengths “Mask” (2007) and “Noistyle” (2010) both released on Infacted Recordings only confirmed this open-minded approach; dark electronic music without borders, but the most important thing about it all, is that dark-electronic fans liked it. After a hiatus of eight years Kolja Trelle went back into business and started composing new material. The digital EP’s “N”, “O” and “X” served as teasers to the new album “NOX” released on Trisol. This production sounds as the ultimate offspring between different influences and got an instant enthusiastic feedback. SOMAN is back!