Casting a Harley Quinn Origins Movie

TVOvermind - 05-15


Despite the idea for a Suicide Squad 2 movie (feel free to roll your eyes) it seems that focusing on the one person that caught a lot of people’s attention in the first place would be best. Yep, an origin story for Harley Quinn seems like it would pull in a lot more interest for the simple reason that 1) She’s a lot more colorful character than many of those on the Squad, 2) She has a great deal of sex appeal and a lot of craziness to round it out, and 3) She’s a more dynamic and ultimately more fun character that is a lot more versatile than many and the fans have taken a liking to both of the iconic looks that she’s rocked in the recent past. In other words she’s perfect since she brings the role of the bad guy to the forefront without any apology or even a hint of remorse for who she is and what she likes to do. In fact the only emotion she ever really seems to show on screen usually ends up leading to something that’s destructive and ultimately self-serving since she’s not the kind of girl you count on to be anything but nuts and aggressive given that she’s so hooked on one single person that seems to focus on her downfall so often. But if we’re talking an origin story here, you do kind of have to get the juices flowing and think about just who you would get to really round out the cast.