Carly Rae Jepsen on the Music That Made Her

Pitchfork - 05-16


“I need a happier start,” Carly Rae Jepsen admits to me. She’s just decided that the song she’s been using as an alarm for the past year and a half is too sad. “It’s a Dev Hynes song, which I love, but it’s so melancholy,” she says before taking a breath and wearily singing the first lines of “With Him”: “You chose to stay away from me/I chose to try to let you in.” As she takes off her jacket and gets comfortable on a couch inside Manhattan’s One World Trade Center, I briefly wonder if I could also pull off a faded, floral-print mock turtleneck before realizing that, duh, I cannot. “Every morning,” she adds, “I say out loud to my boyfriend, ‘I need to change that song.’” But as we continue to chat about the music Jepsen listened to most often during her childhood, the contemplative track stops sounding like such an odd choice for her to wake up to.