Appreciating the Acting Career of Daniel Bruhl

TVOvermind - 04-18


It would seem that there are always going to be those actors that don’t seem to get enough credit for the things they do and Daniel Bruhl has been among their numbers for a while. Let’s kind of forget the regrettable part he played as Baron Zemo in Captain America: Civil War for a moment and think more about some of his better roles that have really seen him shine. Daniel has a list of movies to his credit that have been either Indie in nature or have been touted as some of the best to roll out in a long time, and yet for all that he’s put into them he really doesn’t seem to get noticed all that often. It’s true, in some cases he’s put into a role that should have more prominence as it did in the source material, but is somehow buried by something else and made to seem less important, but then there are movies that bring him back to the forefront where he belongs and offer him a chance to shine in a manner that is nothing short of brilliant.