American Gods season 2 episode 7 review: Mad Sweeney's story is the best episode of the season

Den of Geek - 04-23


This review contains spoilers. Only two characters have felt completely “on” in the second season of American Gods. Laura Moon is one. The other is her frequent scene partner, Mad Sweeney. I've praised their scenes together this season as some of the better ones thus far, and that praise continues when they're separated from one another, too. The rest of the ensemble may seem a bit groundless, but Mad Sweeney continues to be the anchor of the second season, keeping American Gods from going adrift in stormy seas. Thankfully, he gets his own episode, highlighting his journey not to America, but how a quasi-mythological king in Ireland became a giant, fist-fighting leprechaun, tracking the various versions and transmutations of the Mad Sweeney myth before settling on the version that best fits American Gods.