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'A Line In The Dark' Is A Fresh Approach To The Teen Thriller

Jess and Angie are best friends. From the outside, they're everything best friends should be. Jess hangs out at the ice cream parlor where Angie works, and Angie reads every new page of Jess's graphic novel about a girl who fights evil mutants with the help of her reliable best friend. Neither of th

NPR - 2017-10-18 14:00:15

Now Bob Weinstein Has Been Accused of Harassment and Intimidation

Bob Weinstein, the brother of disgraced mogul producer Harvey Weinstein and his business partner, has now been accused of sexual harassment himself, as well as intimidating behavior. A female showrunner who worked with the Weinstein Company on the show The Mistsays Bob repeatedly made romantic overt

VOGUE - 2017-10-17 21:30:07

George Saunders Wins Man Booker Prize For 'Lincoln In The Bardo'

American author George Saunders has won the Man Booker prize for his first novel, Lincoln in the Bardo, a polyphonous meditation on death, grief and American history. Saunders, widely lauded for his short stories, was considered the favorite to win the award. His novel centers on the death of Abraha

NPR - 2017-10-17 21:18:00

'I Am Full Of Contradictions': Novelist Amy Tan On Fate And Family

Growing up as a first-generation Chinese-American in Northern California, novelist Amy Tan found herself pulled by two different notions of fate: Her mother was guided by beliefs in curses and luck, while her father, a Baptist minister, was guided by Christian faith. As a result, Tan says, "I am ful

NPR - 2017-10-17 18:19:35

All the Other Harvey Weinsteins

The tale of Harvey Weinstein is now a thread that has tangled its way through Hollywood, connecting women, mostly actresses, in a depressingly common way. We all seem to have a Harvey story, each one a little different but with essentially the same nauseating pattern and theme. Women were bullied, c

THE NEW YORKER - 2017-10-17 17:08:10

This 'Dead Trend' Cemetery Celebrates All the Fads We Lost in 2017

Michael Fry is an art teacher living in Mamaroneck, New York. He is also a trenchant observer of pop culture and, unequivocally, a dad. Evidence of all these things can currently be found in his front yard, which he has filled with a "dead trend cemetery"-mock gravestones representing fads that have

ATLAS OBSCURA - 2017-10-17 12:57:00

Listen up: you really owe it to yourself to read 15 Vlad Taltos novels, seriously

I have been reading Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos novels since I was a pre-teen and singing their praises on Boing Boing since 2006, and with the occasion of the publication of Vallista, the fifteenth and nearly final volume in the series, I want to spend some time explaining to you why goddamnit you s

BOING BOING - 2017-10-17 11:35:38

Taran Killam Says 'There Was Never Any Common Ground' When Trump Hosted 'SNL'

When the "On Air" lights went dark in NBC's Studio 8H early on Sunday, May 21, Taran Killam didn't realize he had just performed on Saturday Night Live for the last time. Later that summer, after six seasons of his seven-year contract, NBC didn't ask him back. "It wasn't super negative," he tells NP

NPR - 2017-10-17 10:01:00

What Hollywood Forgets About LBJ

President Lyndon Johnson has enjoyed a remarkable run in Hollywood. Next month, the most recent addition to the fictional canon will be Rob Reiner's LBJ, a movie starring Woody Harrelson as the oversized Texan who dominated American political life like almost no one else in the 1960s. Reiner's film

THE ATLANTIC - 2017-10-17 10:00:00

Astronaut Scott Kelly's Latest Mission: A Book

As part of NASA's twins study, astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space while his twin brother, astronaut Mark Kelly, stayed on Earth. That year on the space station makes Scott Kelly the American record holder for consecutive days in space. To get through that year, he had a routine. "You kind o

NPR - 2017-10-17 08:58:00

Will the 25th Amendment Allow Psychiatrists to Impeach Trump?

A quiet rumble from the psychiatric community about Donald Trump started to get mainstream attention this week, when a flurry of articles cropped up on the wires about the same topic: the 25th Amendment. You might have heard about it for the first time when Vanity Fairreported that Steve Bannon said

VOGUE - 2017-10-16 22:40:09

Why Should We Read Virginia Woolf? A TED-Ed Animation Makes the Case

Virginia Woolf dissuaded readers from playing the critic in her essay "How Should One Read a Book?" But in addition to her novels, she is best known for her literary criticism and became a foundational figure in feminist literary theory for her imaginative polemic "A Room of One's Own," an essay tha

OPENCULTURE.COM - 2017-10-16 20:56:20

Sleep Scientist Warns Against Walking Through Life 'In An Underslept State'

The National Sleep Foundation recommends an average of eight hours of sleep per night for adults, but sleep scientist Matthew Walker says that too many people are falling short of the mark. "Human beings are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain," Walker

NPR - 2017-10-16 19:04:00

Ralph Steadman's Hellish Illustrations for Ray Bradbury's Classic Dystopian Novel,

Hunter S. Thompson and Ray Bradbury would at first seem to have little in common, other than having made their livings by the pen. Or rather, both of them having developed as writers in the mid-20th century, by the typewriter--though Thompson famously shot his and a young Bradbury once had to rent o


Imagining What Houses Drawn by Kids Would Look Like in Real Life

Houses drawn by kids are fun, for sure: spiky triangular roofs, puffy clouds billowing out of massive chimneys, windows askew, with a giant smiling sun looking down. But they also reflect what a child thinks of as a home and how they see the world they're inheriting. So let's take them seriously for


Tom Hanks Is Obsessed With Typewriters (So He Wrote A Book About Them)

Actor Tom Hanks has made us believe he can be anyone and do anything on the big screen. Now he's taking us on a journeyon the page: Tom Hanks has written a book. It's a collection of short stories, with varied subjects: a World War II veteran on Christmas Eve in 1953, a California surfer kid who mak


After An Uncanny Silence, SNL Finally Returns With Biting Harvey Weinstein Rebuke

After a week of much-contested silence, Saturday Night Live finally returned to the screen with a biting spoof on Harvey Weinstein's series of sexual assault allegations. In a sketch in the form of an actress roundtable, featuring Leslie Jones as Viola Davis, Cecily Strong as Marion Cotillard, and K


'Skinful Of Shadows' Delights Without Reservation

Fans of Frances Hardinge's Costa Award-winning book, The Lie Tree, will be delighted by this new portrait of a unique corner of British history, seen through the eyes of a girl who is too smart for the comfort of her time and circumstances. Since a very early age, Makepeace has known she can sense t


'SNL' Goes After 'Well-Dressed Skin Tag' Weinstein, Stages Pence Walkouts

After the show's silence on the Harvey Weinstein allegations last week, the pressure was on for Saturday Night Live to tackle Hollywood's sexual assault problem. People on social media quickly criticized the comedy staple for not addressing the glaring news in its earlier episode, after the New York


'More Than A Political Status': Ai Weiwei Captures Scale Of Global Refugee Crisis

The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is internationally recognized for his massive, often provocative art installations. And yet, he's spent most of the past decade under house arrest for his persistent defense of free expression. But as soon as his passport was reissued by the Chinese government a couple o


Will Twitter’s New Rules Finally Curb Trump? And Other News Women Need to Know This Week

We can't say that it's been a good week for us. Yet, we've still found some reasons for optimism. Let us catch you up below. Good news:In the wake of Rose McGowan's much-contested temporary ban, Twitter has announced a new set of policies designed to fight sexual harassment and threats of physical v


Mr. Robot and Superheroes: The Week in Pop-‎Culture‏ Writing

Mr. Robot Knew in 2016 What America Would Be Like in 2017 Scott Meslow | GQ "No other modern TV has so compellingly captured the sense of futility and exhaustion that has so thoroughly penetrated American life in 2017. The world of Mr. Robot, like the world of today, is corrupt and stupid and cruel


FKA twigs Just Launched an Instagram-Only Magazine and It's Dedicated to Next-Level Braids

Ever the pioneer, FKA twigs launched an Instagram-only magazine, AVANTgarden, today, to the positive surprise of her fans. FKA describes the magazine as "part magic, part memoir," and its inaugural issue, titled "ROOTS. SHOCK. BEAUTY." is dedicated to a subject close to her heart: the creativity and


New Smithsonian Exhibit Explains Why Felines Were the Cat's Meow in Ancient Egypt

Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 37.406E From bi-coastal cat cafes to celebrity pets like Lil Bub, felines are currently enjoying a peak moment in popular culture. That's part of the reason why curators at the Smithsonian's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery-which will re-open to visitors on Satu


Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. Has a Fishy Habit of Failing to Prosecute Powerful People

Shutterstock These are dark times for Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., as two high-profile investigative reports-about Harvey Weinstein and Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.-have revealed that Vance has a suspicious habit of declining to prosecute some of New York's most powerful people, whil


Why I’m Not Joining the Women Boycotting Twitter Today

Photo: Shutterstock After Rose McGowan was suspended from Twitter on Thursday, the actress called for a boycott of the site by women users, using the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter. McGowan and many others were outraged that her account was temporarily suspended during a series of tweets about Harvey


The Renaissance Painter Who Made Fantastical Portraits From Food

Looked at one way, Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo's "The Vegetable Gardener" (1587-1590) looks like a black bowl overflowing with root vegetables, greens, and one huge onion. But flipped, the painting become something else entirely. The onion has become a plump cheek, while the huge parsnip


On the M4 Bus With Cartoonist Roz Chast

Photo: Courtesy of Bloomsbury Press One sunny day in early October, I sit on the sprawling steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, waiting for cartoonist Roz Chast. At her publicist's request, for purposes of identification, I feebly hold aloft a copy of Chast's new book, Going Into Town: A Love Le


Japanese Artist Creates Incredibly Intricate Life-Size Insects From Bamboo, And The Result Will Impress You

Sometimes art can look so real, it's hard to believe it was made by human hands. Noriyuki Saitoh artworks are exactly like that. Show Full Text This incredibly talented sculptor from Japan creates intricate life-size sculptures of various insects. The artist uses bamboo as his main material and trie


Jackie Chan Jumps Back Into The Action With 'The Foreigner'

When audiences watch a Jackie Chan movie, they know exactly what they're in for - lots of punching - but there's something that might surprise people about the actor. "I hate violence," Chan says. "But I make action films." Chan got his start in his native Hong Kong as a low-wage stuntman, working o


Dalí and Schiaparelli Invented the Art-Fashion Collaboration—A New Exhibit Celebrates Their Shocking Works

The catalogue for The Dal Musuem's new exhibit, "Dal & Schiaparelli, In Daring Fashion," opens with a list of firsts. Elsa Schiaparelli was the first to design a jumpsuit. Salvador Dal made the first artist video. Schiaparelli held the first fashion show set to music. Dal introduced the world to the