2020 NFL Draft Class Preview: Quarterbacks

The Phinsider - 05-15


Well, the 2019 NFL Draft is behind us which means it’s now time to turn my attention to the 2020 NFL Draft. I have typically started with the defensive side of the ball when doing these previews but I am starting with QB this year. I know there’s been lots of talk about Rosen and whether he’s the long-term answer or not for the Dolphins. My opinion - I liked him coming out of UCLA and I hope with all my heart he’s our franchise QB that will win Super Bowls for us. With that said though, it would be incredibly foolish to not scout and do our homework on this potential elite QB class of 2020. As of right now, Tua, Herbert and Fromm all have high first round grades in my book. Obviously, a lot can change and I am aware of that. However, if this class is as good as I think it is, the Dolphins need to do their homework.