Trump’s 50 Tweets in 24 Hours Are a Frightening Window Into the Presidential Mind

Esquire - 04-23


"The Wall is being rapidly built!" our fearless leader declared. "The Economy is GREAT! Our Country is Respected again!" It was a stirring message, something to boost the citizens of the United States as they roused themselves for work this Tuesday morning. It would have been a bit more convincing, however, if it did not contain some vintage truthlessness from Donald Trump, American president. In recent months, The Wall has become a quantum object: it is both Being Built and in desperate need of funding to be built—so much so that the president declared a phony national emergency to seize the money from Congress in a direct assault on the Constitution's separation of powers. In reality, parts of existing barrier have essentially undergone maintenance, and our nation's Respect-o-Meter is certainly not moving in a positive direction.