The Sun: Prince Harry & Meghan ‘are very much engaged’ with the exile plans - 04-23


For what feels like the millionth time, let me just repeat this: the original story in the Sunday Times London newspaper was that palace courtiers were working with Prince William to arrange for the Sussexes to be exiled abroad. The sources claimed repeatedly that there are serious concerns about the popularity of the Sussexes and how Meghan and Harry are “overshadowing” William and Kate and senior royals. As punishment for being “too much like Diana,” there are serious discussions to figure out a country where the Sussexes could be exiled for a few years. Australia and Canada were under consideration, but nixxed because of the media presence. Currently, courtiers and Kensington Palace want to send the Sussexes to Botswana or South Africa for a time in 2020. Only hours after that Sunday Times report, the story has been twisted and flipped to “Prince Harry is the one who wants to leave England and William is merely supporting the decision.” Bullsh-t. Anyway, Page Six/The Sun had more details on the newly revamped storyline – some highlights: