Michelle Obama slammed for 'insensitive' remark which compared Trump to a 'divorced dad'

meaww.com - 04-17


Michelle Obama recently appeared in London for her book tour and took the stage to comment about the presidency of Donald Trump. The former first lady did not hold back in taking a jab at the President as she compared him to a divorced dad and the US to a teenager. She said, "We [America] come from a broken family, we are a little unsettled. Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We are living with a divorced dad," as reported by Daily Mail. While Michelle might have aimed at getting a few laughs out of her joke, many people, especially the divorced dads, were angered by the insensitive remark she made. "Criticizing divorced parents or single dads is really a low blow," wrote one user on Twitter.