Hallmark Channel would've been wise to not edit out Lori Loughlin's already-filmed When Calls the Heart scenes

primetimer.com - 04-20


"If her scenes for When Calls the Heart were already shot, what’s the harm in airing them and simply writing her character off next season instead?" asks Marissa Martinelli, adding: "If Loughlin has indeed been edited out, there’s less of a draw for new viewers who have been following the (college cheating) scandal with interest. It’s becoming unnervingly common for studios to respond to controversy with revisionism, deleting scenes or even entire works of entertainment (as with the Simpsons pulling an episode featuring Michael Jackson earlier this year) instead of acknowledging reality." Martinelli notes that while Netflix postponed Felicity Huffman's Otherhood movie due to her involvement in the college cheating scandal, but the actress is still featured in the When They See Us trailer that dropped Friday. ALSO: What will Hollywood do with Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin?