Dapper Dan’s Designs At The Met Gala Make The Ultimate Play On Camp By Representing High Fashion Harlem

HelloBeautiful - 05-07


The Met Gala is an annual event that’s often dubbed the ‘Oscars of the East’. This is where fashion really puts on the show on the majestic steps of the popular museum. When celebrities or models receive an invitation, it’s often by a designer who has either purchased seats at $35,000 a pop or a table that can cost upwards to $300,000. Alessandro Michele, Creative Director to Gucci, is one of the co-hosts this year and indirectly made for an impactful moment in Black fashion history. Many celebrities from actress Regina Hall to activist Bethann Hardison donned the Gucci x Dapper Dan collection at the event; however, you also saw women like Karlie Kloss and Ashley Graham wearing ensembles as well. Dapper Dan is a talented designer. Periodt. Not just a talented Black designer and while one can be proud to be both, the latter often overshadows and makes headlines. I loved how the collection was seamlessly weaved onto the carpet amongst the grandeur of fellow high fashion houses.