American Housewife - American Idol - Review: "Dreamcrushers!" - 03-20


Taylor tries to reach her dreams this week. That is, if Katie and Greg don't knock her down first!. On the heels of her Little Shop of Horrors performance (which the Westport Gazette called "maybe worth seeing!"), Taylor's decided she's going to put college on the back-burner and use that money to move to Hollywood and become a singer. Katie and Greg, understandably, aren't big fans of this plan. They both tell Taylor that she needs to go to college to have a back-up plan in case music doesn't work out. That night, Taylor dreams she's on American Idol, and everything's going great, that is, until her parents show up. Suddenly the adoring judges have been replaced with Katie and Greg, who aren't fans of any songs that aren't "Going Away to College."