Amber Rose has hyperemesis gravidarum, just like Amy Schumer & Duchess Kate - 04-08


Last week, Amber Rose announced her second pregnancy. I didn’t cover it at the time because I didn’t find the news particularly scandalous or gossip-worthy, although I didn’t even even know that Amber was that serious about anyone. She’s been dating Def Jam A&R Vice President Alexander Edwards (he goes by AE). Amber has one son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, by her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. She’s expecting another boy, and she’s already had the gender reveal party and everything. She’s due in October. I’m really happy for her – she loves being a mom, and I bet she’s happy to have another chance to be part of a stable family unit. I hope AE is a good guy – but I bet Amber wouldn’t tolerate him if he wasn’t a good guy. Anyway, it looks like this pregnancy is really difficult on Amber: