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Since the NFL anthem protests, white fans like the white players more — and the black ones less.

White Americans prefer white NFL stars — a preference that has gotten stronger since some players began protesting during the national anthem. Among whites without a college education, black players’ popularity dropped — even if an individual player did not protest.


Attempts to steal fuel from Mexican pipeline set off massive fireball, killing at least 66

MEXICO CITY — At least 66 people were killed when a fuel pipeline exploded outside Mexico City, unleashing a massive fireball after residents tapped into the duct to steal buckets of gasoline, officials said Saturday.


Tony Mendez, ‘Argo’ spy who smuggled U.S. hostages out of Iran during crisis, dies at 78

A forgery artist and master of disguise for the CIA, Tony Mendez once transformed a black agent and an Asian diplomat into a pair of white business executives, using masks that gave them an uncanny resemblance to the movie stars Victor Mature and Rex Harrison. On another occasion, he devised an over


Roger Federer was denied entry to the Australian Open locker room because he didn't have ID on him

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Maybe Roger Federer isn't as famous as we thought. A video posted by the International Tennis Federation on Twitter shows Roger Federer being stopped by security on his way to the locker room at the Australian Open because he wasn't carrying tournament ID.


Mexican pipeline blast during fuel raid kills at least 21

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - At least 21 people were killed and 71 were injured on Friday when a pipeline ruptured by suspected fuel thieves exploded in central Mexico as dozens of people tried to fill up containers, state and federal authorities said.

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