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Saudi Arabia: We'll pump the 'last barrel' of oil

Saudi Arabia says it will be the last man standing when the world finally weans itself off oil. And it doesn't expect that to happen for a very long time, despite the rise of renewable energy.


Russia frees model from police custody who claimed Trump secrets: TASS

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A model from Belarus who claimed to have evidence of Russian interference in U.S. President Donald Trump’s election was freed from Russian police custody on Tuesday, but remains a suspect in an unrelated criminal case, the TASS news agency reported.


Singer Chris Brown arrested in France on suspicion of rape: police source

PARIS (Reuters) - U.S. singer Chris Brown was arrested in Paris on Monday with two other people on suspicion of rape, a French police source said. The arrests were first reported by Closer magazine, which said Brown, his bodyguard and a friend were detained after a 24-year-old woman alleged she was


Deep Quakes Reveal That Magma Is Moving Beneath An Ancient German Volcano

When it comes to active volcanoes, what country first comes to mind? Japan, perhaps? The US? What about Italy? These are all excellent examples, and understandably so. They have a wide range of fiery mountains that, at some point in the last 12,000 years, have erupted – a condition that, per the Uni


Gigi Wu, Taiwanese 'bikini hiker,' dies after mountain fall

(CNN)Gigi Wu, a Taiwanese internet star famous for hiking mountains, has been found dead after falling into a gorge 30 meters deep (100 feet), the island's state media reported.

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