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American Student J‌ail‌ed‌ for Over 8 Months in Japan for A‌ll‌eged‌‌ly Br‌eak‌ing a Lamp

A University of Redlands student has been in ja‌‌il for the past eight months in Japan after being ar‌r‌est‌‌ed for allegedly breaking a lamp. Julian Adame, who went to Japan after studying religion in Indonesia, failed to meet his friend, Kate Emmons, in Thailand.


Trans people must still be sterilized before changing gender in Japan after top court upholds ruling

Tokyo (CNN)Japan has upheld a law effectively requiring trans people seeking to legally change their gender to be sterilized. Takakito Usui, a transgender man who wants to change the gender listed on his official documents, had appealed to the court seeking to overturn Law 111, which requires applic


World's Oldest Man, Who Loved Sweets and Lived at a Hot Springs Inn, Dies in Japan at 113

The oldest living man in the world died on Sunday, according to Guinness World Records. Masazo Nonaka, who was 113 years and 179 days old at the time, passed away peacefully in his home on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. He did not have any health problems, and the death appeared due to na


Carlos Ghosn Declares His Innocence and Is Denied Bail in Japan. That’s a Pattern.

TOKYO — After Bernard L. Madoff, arguably the most notorious financial criminal of all time, was arrested for defrauding investors in a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, he was released on $10 million in bail the same day. Until his trial months later, he lived and slept in his Manhattan penthouse.


Classic stove train takes travelers through Japan's wintery landscapes

(CNN) — Japan's famous bullet trains may have revolutionized high-speed rail travel, but there are still many travelers who prefer a scenic slow ride on one of the country's old-fashioned regional trains.


Naomi Osaka will soon be forced to choose whether to play for the US or Japan

After her victory at the Australian Open over the weekend, 21-year-old tennis star Naomi Osaka is being feted in Japan, which finally has its first-ever tennis player to be ranked No. 1. In less than nine months time, however, she faces a difficult choice that will determine whether she can ever pla


Japanese government plans to hack into citizens' IoT devices

The Japanese government approved a law amendment on Friday that will allow government workers to hack into people's Internet of Things devices as part of an unprecedented survey of insecure IoT devices.


Japan, not China, may be winning Asia's infrastructure investment contest

For years, Japan has been Southeast Asia's top source of infrastructure investment. With China's Belt and Road Initiative now in the picture, the Asian economic powers are competing for regional influence.


Why a military spat between Japan and South Korea could snowball into crisis

(CNN)Japan and South Korea are engaged in a heated military dispute that analysts say could damage the already tenuous geopolitical situation in northeast Asia if the two sides do not reach a resolution.


The next big innovation in Japan’s aging economy is flushable adult diapers

Caregivers in Japan could find their workload a lot lighter if the country successfully moves ahead with plans to reinvent the adult diaper. Japan’s ministry of land and infrastructure devised a road map for the development of the first flushable adult diaper last year, with a prototype possibly bec


PS4 Top Cover Jump Force Edition announced for Japan

posted on 01.28.19 at 09:57 PM EST by Sal Romano (@salromano) Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia and Bandai Namco have announced the PlayStation 4 Top Cover Jump Force Edition for Japan. It will launch alongside the game in limited quantities on February 14.


Japan-Themed Mini-Season of ‘Queer Eye’ Premiering in 2019

After spending a big chunk of 2018 filming Season 3 of Queer Eye in the Midwest, the members of the Fab Five are now headed to Japan to shoot a four-episode installment of Netflix’s hit lifestyle makeover show.


Russia and Japan at odds over seven-decade-old Kuril Islands dispute

(CNN)On Tuesday, the leaders of Japan and Russia will hold talks on what remains one of the world's longest-running unresolved international disputes. The Kuril Islands, referred to as the Southern Kurils by Russia and the Northern Territories by Japan, were captured by Soviet forces following Japan


Japan to resume commercial whaling one day after leaving the IWC

Japan will resume commercial whaling for the first time in three decades immediately after it leaves the body responsible for protecting global whale populations. Media reports said a fleet would leave for the country’s coastal waters on 1 July, a day after its official exit from the International W


Amid tensions with Japan, South Korea to boost world awareness on wartime sex abuses

DAVOS, Switzerland/SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea is committed to advancing relations with Japan but will step up efforts to share with the world its experience of Japanese wartime atrocities, including sexual violence against its women, Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha told Reuters.


Situated Along a Busy Japanese Highway, a Concrete House of Tranquility

Situated in Japan’s Shiga prefecture is a stately concrete home designed around the principle of tranquility, the brainchild of architects FORM/Kouichi Kimura. Located along a highway with a heavy traffic flow and adjacent to the client’s own factory, the house’s meticulously-constructed layout is i


Gun Runner’s First Foal: ‘Beautiful,’ ‘Well-Balanced’ Filly Born In Japan

“The filly is a beautiful and well-balanced foal. She looks just like her father,” said Teruya Yoshida, owner of Shadai Farm. The chestnut filly is the first foal out of multiple Group I winner, Giuliet Seattle (Arg).


Japanese sponsor accused of 'whitewashing' tennis star Naomi Osaka

(CNN)One of Naomi Osaka's Japanese sponsors has apologized after releasing an advertisement which has been widely accused of "whitewashing" the tennis star's skin tone. The 2018 US Open winner is featured in the ad as an anime character for instant noodle giant Nissin, alongside fellow Japanese tenn


Japan Suggests Using Recycled Materials for Medals at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Sustainability will be at the heart of the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020 — and now, Japanese olympic organizers have made a suggestion that will bring the focus on sustainability front and center at the summer games: They want to make medals out of recycled materials.


High-carb diet in Okinawa, Japan, may be one key to longevity

Modern diet advice has turned “carb” into a four-letter word, but the recipe for longevity may include lots of carbohydrates if you consider the lifestyle of some of the world’s healthiest super agers.