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There’s no stopping fake news in India when the prime minister’s own app spreads it

India’s raging fake news menace has reportedly led to dozens of mob-lynchings over the past few years, besides muddying the country’s politics and turning the heat on popular social media platforms and messaging apps.


A massive Chinese phone company that outsmarted Apple in China and India is now heading to the West

Oppo is largely unknown in the West, but it has teased an official UK launch on Tuesday. It's part of a family of other massive smartphone brands such as Vivo and OnePlus. Oppo will find it tough to break in to the UK market, but it does have a reputation for adding cool new features to its smartpho


India relocates crocodiles at world's tallest statue in Gujarat

Indian officials have begun relocating some 300 crocodiles from a reservoir next to the world's tallest statue to allow a seaplane service for visitors. The animals, some around 3m (9ft) long, are being lured into metal cages and sent elsewhere in the western state of Gujarat.


One of India’s most celebrated woman bankers is booked in a $242 million fraud case

The nepotism scandal at India’s ICICI Bank, which brought to pass the downfall of its celebrated former chieftain Chanda Kochhar, just got murkier. Not only has the former CEO of India’s second-largest private lender been pulled deeper into the scandal, but more high-profile names have also been dra


India’s smartphone market grew by 10% in 2018, bucking global slowdown

As smartphone shipments drop globally and in most individual markets, including the U.S. and China, at least one region is reporting an unusual, growing appetite for handsets: India.


Study: Superbug genes from India found in Arctic

(CNN)Genes detected in antibiotic-resistant superbugs in the High Arctic originated in India, a new study finds. A total of 131 genes associated with resistance to antibiotics were discovered by a team of scientists, with one of the genes first found in New Delhi in 2008.


How the British did everything to keep Indians away from the civil services—yet failed

Civilian administration had always remained in Indian hands, even under the Mughals, as part of a deliberate policy of assimilation. But the British saw themselves as a superior race and, seeking to impose colonial rule for commercial gain, considered it necessary to man their administration at all


What The U.S. Can Learn From India's Emergency Response System

Minutes and sometimes seconds can often mean the difference between life and death. Knowing that, India took on the herculean task of transforming their fragmented and unreliable emergency response system into a groundbreaking one that is now the largest and the most effective in the world. In doing


India is Building a Deadly Force of Nuclear-Missile Submarines

On November 4, 2018, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi announced that the Arihant, the Indian Navy’s first domestically-built nuclear-powered submarine, completed her first deterrence patrol. The Arihant, which means “Slayer of Enemies” in Sanskrit, uses a uranium-fueled pressurized light-water re


Priyanka Gandhi launches political career ahead of key India polls

Priyanka Gandhi, the charismatic sister of Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi, has formally joined politics months ahead of general elections in India. Ms Gandhi has been appointed the party general secretary for the crucial northern state of Uttar Pradesh.


Photos: India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle flies in new configuration

An Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifted off Jan. 24 in a new, intermediate configuration with two strap-on solid rocket boosters, providing a lift capability between the PSLV’s previous variants with zero or six side-mounted rocket motors.


Lions maul man to death after he scales 25-foot wall, enters enclosure at Indian zoo: report

A man in India was mauled to death by at least two lions at a zoo in Zirakpur, according to a report. The man, who has not been identified, reportedly scaled a more than 25-foot wall at the Chhatbir Zoo on Sunday afternoon. He was attacked by two Asiatic lions “as soon as he crossed over,” The Times


Mukesh Ambani wants to be India’s first internet tycoon

FOR A GLIMPSE of how the internet is taking hold in India, catch one of Mumbai’s double-decker buses. Even at rush hour, when people pack so tightly into the ancient vehicles that it is difficult for the conductors to collect fares, and stragglers hang out of the open door, commuters still find spac


Apple's Flagship iPhones Could Soon Be Produced in India

Apple’s top iPhones could see their production moved from China to India soon, according to a new report. The tech giant’s top iPhone assembler, Foxconn, is examining whether a move to manufacturing iPhones and other popular products in India would make more sense, The Wall Street Journal is reporti


India's main opposition promises universal basic income for poor

India’s main opposition Congress party has said it will implement a variation of a universal basic income (UBI) targeted at the poor if it wins the country’s upcoming national election.


India Replaces Japan To Become Second-Largest Crude Steel Producer

India has replaced Japan as the world’s second-largest steel producing country, while China is the largest producer of crude steel, accounting for more than 51 percent of production, according to World Steel Association.


Mucky puppies! Adorable dogs found covered in TAR on the streets of India are rescued by volunteers after eight of scrubbing

Eight stray puppies have been rescued by hero volunteers in south-west India after they ended up covered in toxic tar. The puppies were found on the streets of Tirur in India's Kerala state, covered from nose to paws in thick, black tar.


A two-child policy in overpopulated India? It won't work, say experts

(CNN)Some politicians in India are clamoring for what they believe to be a quick fix to the country's population problem: a two-child policy for Indian citizens. As activists and experts scramble to educate the public on the need for contraception and family planning, these politicians want to limit


Nokia still growing strong in India. Holding the fourth place in Feature Phone market share

India is the second biggest handset market, just behind China, and the number of shipped phones is growing with each year. Well, according to Counterpoint Research report, overall mobile phone shipments grew 11% with smartphones growing 10% and feature phones 11%. This particular expansion of the In


Even Bhavish Aggarwal’s father wants to know when Ola will turn profitable

At just 33, Bhavish Aggarwal is counted among the most successful Indian tech entrepreneurs of recent times. Within only eight years since Aggarwal and his friend from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-Bombay), Ankit Bhati, launched Ola, the cab-hailing venture has emerged as is the country