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Haiti in disarray as anti-government protests lead to prison breakout

The impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti, hit by days of violent demonstrations that have claimed four lives, has suffered a mass prison breakout after 78 inmates escaped while police were dealing with protesters.


Miramar Teacher Called Haiti "the Hood," Said Poor Students "Drink From Sewers"

More than 10,000 people of Haitian ancestry live in Miramar, a city with the fifth-highest Haitian population in Florida. Naturally, the local public schools have a large number of Haitian students — after the devastating 2010 earthquake on the island, Miramar High School took in 46 Haitian refugees


'Do Not Travel To Haiti,' U.S. Tells Citizens, Citing Violent Unrest

"Do not travel to Haiti due to crime and civil unrest," the U.S. State Department says, urging Americans to avoid the country that is wracked with violent protests against President Jovenel Moise. The State Department is pulling all nonemergency U.S. personnel and their family members from the count


Haiti President Jovenel Moise defiant amid deadly protests, calls for his resignation

(CNN)Haitian President Jovenel Moise late Thursday rejected calls for his resignation and promised unspecified economic measures after more than a week of deadly anti-government protests.


This ex-cop pretended he was part of Haiti president’s security. He’s in DEA custody

He is one of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s most wanted fugitives, accused of being a part of a four-man drug ring transporting cocaine into Miami from Port-au-Prince.


Canada raises travel alert for Haiti

Ottawa (AFP) - Canada raised its travel alert for Haiti late Thursday, warning its citizens against all travel to the Caribbean island nation after violent anti-government protests trapped Canadian tourists at a beachside resort.


'We're not about to leave these children': Acworth man stays in Haiti as violent protests erupt

A man from Acworth is stuck in Haiti as violence there erupts. However, David George said he wouldn't leave even if he could. At least six people have died and many others are hurt as Haitians demand the resignation of the president.


Robert Christgau on Jazz-Rock Staple Harriet Tubman

Photo of Melvin Gibbs and JT Lewis of Harriet Tubman by Hiroyuki Ito,Getty Images. The self-proclaimed "Dean of American Rock Critics," Robert Christgau was one of the pioneers of music criticism as we know it—the music editor of the Village Voice from 1974 to 1985 and its chief music critic for sev


Haiti's president defies violent protests, will not step down

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise struck a combative note on Thursday in his first address since violent protests flared in the capital, defying calls for his ouster but urging dialogue to address soaring inflation and alleged misuse of funds.


U.S. Dept. of State issues travel advisory for Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (WCJB)-- The United States Department of State has issued a travel advisory for the nation of Haiti. In a statement released on Thursday, Feb. 14, the State Department cited crime and civil unrest in the capital of Port-au-Prince and elsewhere in the country.


Alberta missionaries stranded in Haiti amid violent protests

HAITI (660 NEWS) — Two dozen missionaries from southern Alberta are unable to return home from Haiti, as the country is consumed in civil unrest. Registered charity Haiti Arise Ministries indicated they have about 24 members conducting missionary work in the country.


Haiti to unveil economic measures to quell violent protests

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Haitians on Friday vowed to keep protesting until President Jovenel Moise resigns, despite his announcement of upcoming economic measures designed to quell more than a week of violent demonstrations across the country.


Big Shots – Guns, Gangs and UN Agents in Haiti

Adventures in Haiti, one of the World’s Poorest and most Desperate Countries. I was looking for a ship to get away from the island but found myself in one of the most dangerous places on Earth instead.


Haiti is once again on edge, and humanitarian aid groups debate whether to go or cancel

Some aid groups aren’t sure whether it’s safe enough to fly in to Haiti. Others have already canceled trips. And Haiti’s main public hospital is running low on water. Even in the best of times, the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince doesn’t have running water and has to truck it in.


Haiti is ‘on fire’ after days of riots

Haiti (MNN) – Haiti is at a standstill as riots ( or ‘manifestations’) filled the streets this week. For Haiti With Love’s Eva Dehart explains, “It’s an accumulation, over the two years that this administration has been in, of no services. When you’re in a situation where the general feeling is ‘it’


State department issues Haiti travel warning as protests turn violent

Feb. 14 (UPI) -- The U.S. State Department issued a travel warning Thursday ordering all non-emergency U.S. personnel and their family members home. "Do not travel to Haiti due to crime and civil unrest," the advisory said, adding "protests, tire burning and road blockages are frequent and unpredict


No word from Haiti's president as fear paralyzes capital

A masked demonstrator gestures before burning tires during protests in Port-au-Prince, on February 10, 2019. A masked demonstrator gestures before burning tires during protests in Port-au-Prince, on February 10, 2019 (AFP Photo/HECTOR RETAMAL)


Haiti president breaks silence after week of violent unrest

Haitian President Jovenel Moise on Thursday broke his silence after a week of violent protests demanding his resignation as the US announced it was pulling "non-emergency personnel" from the country over the deadly unrest.


Sounds of Little Haiti "Vayb"

FREE CONCERT....Come one, come all.... Enjoy music by one of Hait's hottest band "Vayb" also featuring Little Haiti's Nandev. Vendors welcomed. Lillte Haiti Culural Complex Gallery will be opened to the public.


Haiti’s Unfolding Revolution Is Directly Linked to Venezuela’s

Chaos reigns in Haiti for a seventh straight day as its masses continue to rise up nationwide to drive President Jovenel Moïse from power for his corruption, arrogance, false promises, and straight-faced lies.