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New York Knicks rumors: DeMarcus Cousins could be free agency consolation prize

The New York Knicks have huge plans for free agency this summer, but if all else fails, DeMarcus Cousins could be a consolation prize. It’s no secret in Madison Square Garden—the New York Knicks are swinging for the fences this summer. With the likes of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, and


New York Knicks: Kemba Walker’s lack of attention as the future point guard

The New York Knicks have cap space to spend, but why is Kemba Walker not linked to them like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are?. The New York Knicks are in prime position to add two max contracts this summer. One should be Kevin Durant, but who should be the other? There are two realistic options in


Would the Phoenix Suns trade down with the New York Knicks?

A hypothetical rumor has been brought up and it’s at least something worth thinking about. Would the Phoenix Suns trade down with the New York Knicks?. The Phoenix Suns have a 14% chance at getting the first pick in the NBA Draft for the second year in a row. Zion is obviously the top prospect but f


New York Knicks: 5 videos to binge on YouTube this offseason

The pre-NBA draft offseason can be long for New York Knicks fans, so here are some fun videos to binge until next season!. This is probably the hardest time to be a New York Knicks fan.


NBA Lottery Teams Most Likely to Trade Zion Williamson If They Win No. 1 Pick

Let's make one thing clear from the jump: Zion Williamson is beyond unlikely to become trade bait. He is the NBA's consensus No. 1 pick by a galaxy-and-a-half, and whichever team wins the draft lottery will likely keep him for themselves.


There’s a problem brewing with Knicks’ Kevin Durant buzz

As Nets coach Kenny Atkinson was battling the 76ers in the playoffs the past two weeks on a national stage, Knicks pilot David Fizdale was conducting his own media tour since his season finale two weeks ago.


New York Knicks GM Scott Perry wants Frank Ntilikina to improve his outside shot

Recently, New York Knicks general manager Scott Perry gave insight into what he thinks Frank Ntilikina can do to improve his game. Frank Ntilikina is coming off a disappointing season, but luckily, the New York Knicks guard still has room to grow. For one, general manager Scott Perry believes that N


Rookie season of mostly highs for Knicks’ Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox took the microphone before the New York Knicks’ season finale. The rookie addressed the crowd, thanking them for their support and vowing to improve this summer. Fans at Madison Square Garden roared with approval.


Enes Kanter taunts Knicks, entire NBA after Trail Blazers’ victory

Enes Kanter vs. Turkey is dangerous. Enes Kanter vs. his old buddies in Oklahoma City is fun. Enes Kanter vs. the entire NBA is a blast. The same center who feuds with a Turkish president is taking aim more locally, at the entire basketball landscape, after the Trail Blazers’ thrilling 118-115 win T


After Blazers advance, Kanter thanks Knicks for cutting him

Enas Kanter roars back, both on and off the field. The former Knick was decisive in game 5 against OKC. Out of the project in New York, Kanter is now a player immovable and necessary in Portland. Kanter had the chance to take his revenge against both OKC and the New York Knicks.


How the Clippers Can Go From 8-Seed to 1-Seed

There have been so many versions of the Clippers in the past 15 months it makes your head spin. There was the post–Chris Paul, Lob City Twilight team, with an aging DeAndre Jordan and a Blake Griffin who fancied shooting over dunking. There was the post-Blake team of second-chancers and castoffs, le


New York Knicks: Kevin Durant is selling his Malibu home

Kevin Durant’s real estate listing might excite some New York Knicks fans, but it’s important to keep things in perspective. According to Neil J. Leitereg of the Los Angeles Times, Kevin Durant has listed his Malibu home on the market. The listing is for $13.495 million after Durant paid $12.05 for


New York Knicks: Recent NBA Draft picks to never play for NYK

The New York Knicks have made plenty of draft picks over the years, but which ones never suited up for this franchise?. The New York Knicks will enter the 2019 NBA Draft with two picks. Their first-round selection, unless traded, should suit up for the 2019-20 campaign. The other draft choice, the 5


Knicks News: David Fizdale Says LeBron James, Dwyane Wade Have Talked with Team

New York Knicks head coach David Fizdale appeared on ESPN's The Jump on Monday and said NBA stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have consulted the team's young players. "LeBron and D-Wade having been talking to our young guys," Fizdale said.


Jared Dudley has funny quote about Knicks' media dominance in New York

The Brooklyn Nets were the better team in New York this season, but the Knicks still suck up a lot of the oxygen in the media market. Nets forward Jared Dudley knows that, and he knows it might come into play if the two teams compete for free agents. He thinks the Nets have the advantage of a young


Trail Blazers big man makes it clear: ‘Can play Kanter’

Enes Kanter began his thank-yous in a surprising place. “First, I would like to definitely thank the Knicks for waiving me,” he said with a smile Tuesday. “That would never happen if they didn’t waive me, so I want to appreciate the whole Knicks organization.”


Knicks, Nets, Lakers and Clippers could become the NBA’s next super teams

The summer free agency frenzy is just a few months away and though the NBA is in the midst of the postseason, one can’t help but get excited for the future of the league. That’s because the 2019 offseason promises to shake the very foundations of the league with a number of past and present All-Star


Enes Kanter pokes New York Knicks, OKC Thunder & Billy Donovan

Enes Kanter had some thinly veiled shots for the New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Billy Donovan after Portland’s stunning victory. New York Knicks fans know the best and worst of Enes Kanter as a player. At his best, he’s a physical presence on the interior that plays through pain and dom


Nets set for Kevin Durant showdown against the Knicks

The Knicks and Nets have never had a meaningful rivalry on the court. They’ve only met once in the playoffs – back in 2004, when Jason Kidd swept away Stephon Marbury. But a head-to-head showdown is brewing for the summer, with both New York teams carrying enough cap space for at least one max free


Atlanta Hawks: Should Frank Ntilikina Be Trade Target This Offseason?

A quick peek at a potential Frank Ntilikina trade the Atlanta Hawks could make with the New York Knicks. With the offseason well under way for the Atlanta Hawks, now is the time to ponder how the team could be improved via roster moves and transaction – though the 2019 NBA Draft is still the most im