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Defending Indy 500 winner Will Power talks about the `` ‎Dale‏ ‎Jr‏. . Download ''

INDIANAPOLIS – Defending Indianapolis 500 winner Will Power of Team Penske was NBC Sports analyst Dale Earnhardt, Jr’s guest on the most recent “Dale, Jr. Download.”. “I liked it a lot, it was great, a lot of fun and we got along really well,” Power told NBC Sports.com at the Indianapolis Motor Spee

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Brenda Jackson has passed , mother of ‎Dale‏ ‎Earnhardt‏ ‎Jr‏ and Kelley ‎Earnhardt‏ Miller

NASCAR community mourns as Brenda Jackson has passed at age 65; Touching video highlights her personality. Born Brenda Gee, married Dale Earnhardt became Brenda Earnhardt and was forever in the NASCAR family.


‎Dale‏ ‎Earnhardt‏ ‎Jr‏ 's Mother Has Died

Brenda Jackson, pictured in the middle, the mother of racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. has died. She had been battling cancer for several years. "I'm glad her suffering has ended and she can be at peace," Earnhardt tweeted.


‎Dale‏ ‎Earnhardt‏ ‎Jr‏. . Fans in Tears After Death of His Mom , Brenda Jackson

Fans of retired NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. sent their condolences to his family after JR Motorsports announced the death of his mother, Brenda Jackson, on Monday. Jackson died Monday after a battle with cancer, JR Motorsports said. She was 65 years old.


NASCAR world pays respects to ‎Dale‏ ‎Earnhardt‏ ‎Jr‏. 's late mom , Brenda Jackson

The NASCAR world is in mourning and offered its condolences to Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kelley Earnhardt Miller after their mother, Brenda Jackson, died at the age of 65 following a battle with cancer.


PANIC ! At the Disco is Proud of ‎Dale‏ ‎Earnhardt‏ ‎Jr‏. 's Shotgunning Ability

If you're going to shotgun a beer as fast as Dale Earnhardt Jr. can, you may as well do it to a PANIC! At the Disco song, right?!


Shotgun ! ‎Dale‏ ‎Earnhardt‏ ‎Jr‏. , Clint Bowyer share beer over Twitter

Alas, while there was plenty of talk about beer, beer signs and partying, no beers were consumed, let alone shotgunned. He called out Earnhardt on Twitter Thursday afternoon, shotgunning a Miller Lite in the process.


‎Dale‏ ‎Earnhardt‏ ‎Jr‏. -- Great At Racing Cars & Really , Really BAD At Shotgunning Beers

Earlier this week, NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer stopped by Dale Jr.’s podcast to talk everything from racing to partying, and everything in between. Prior to the recording, Dale joked on Twitter about shotgunning some pre-podcast beers (which is coincidentally how we like to start our podcast Whiskey