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Eric Swalwell, who threatened gun owners with nukes, tries to revive the Sarah Palin crosshairs debacle

It wasn’t that long ago — August 2017, actually, — that The New York Times had to append a correction to an anti-gun editorial because it repeated the media-established myth that a map put out by Sarah Palin “targeting” certain districts with “crosshairs” incited Jared Lee Loughner to shoot Gabby Gi


'Great job, Democrats': Sarah Palin announces her family's longtime stalker has been rewarded with a job at the Alaska State Capitol and blames liberals for 'empowering him to continue the evil'

Sarah Palin has hit out at Democrats at the Alaska State Capitol after one of her daughter's former stalkers landed a job there as a legislative aide. Peter Paul Ferrero, 30, was convicted of stalking Palin's eldest daughter, Bristol, in 2014, after sending her more than 1,000 Facebook messages and


Who changed America?

Love her or detest her, maybe it’s time give former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin her due as a figure who changed American history. There is simply no denying her role in creating the partisan mess that is U.S. politics today. She provided the template that helped President Donald Trump win election in a


The right is slamming the Green New Deal, and Democrats need to react fast

Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney, is the host of SiriusXM radio's daily program "The Dean Obeidallah Show" and a columnist for The Daily Beast. Follow him @DeanObeidallah. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion articles on CNN.


How three North Texas arts events morphed into a shared moment for three terrific poets

At my age, going to a triple-header of arts events in one weekend feels like a lot. But there I was, seeing singer-songwriter Pierce Pettis on Friday at Poor David's Pub, a sizzling play at Stage West on Saturday in Fort Worth and award-winning singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters on Sunday at MCL Gran


BRENDA LOOPER: Is this real life?

I end up thinking a lot when I'm laid low by a cold, then bronchitis, especially at a time when the old anemia kicks up (my DNA isn't the only reason I'm pale). I don't always remember much of it, but I do think.


Amber Portwood: Officially Out of Teen Mom OG?!

Teen Mom OG has gone through so many changes recently. Sometimes it barely even seems like the show we've watched for years now. Farrah Abraham and Ryan Edwards both left, and Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd joined the cast.


Ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar is Funding a Global Media Information War

A select group of national news “stakeholders” gathered at an undisclosed location for what was described as a “semi-secret” workshop somewhere in Canada on January 26. The meeting had been convened to determine how and to whom a “news industry bailout” of $645 million in Canadian government subsidi


Good news bad

The bright spot for one of Alaska’s largest industries is that the prices paid to commercial fishermen for salmon look to be headed up this year and could keep trending in that direction.


Passing the Buck: Sarah Palin echo; major Straz endorsement

With forums nearly everyday, someone’s bound to say something that raises an eyebrow. February is more than half over and campaigning in Tampa’s contentious mayoral race continues to plug along with proposed plans, major endorsements and the occasional political déjà vu.


Birthday Highlight: Sarah Palin

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is 55 today, so here's a quick slideshow of some career highlights from the archives of the Associated Press. O’Gieblyn will read from and talk about “Interior States” at 5 p.m. on Dec. 5 at Upper House, 365 E. Campus Mall.


MILESTONES: February 11, birthdays for Sarah Palin, Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow

NOTABLE PEOPLE born on this day include actress Jennifer Aniston, who was born in 1969; U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, who was born in 1962; singer Brandy, who was born in 1979; singer Sheryl Crow, who was born in 1962; actress Natalie Dormer, who was born in 1982; actor Taylor Lautner, who was born in 19


David Straz sounds a little like Sarah Palin at Tiger Bay forum

It’s not the first time Straz has sounded like various conservative firebrands. David Straz got put on the spot Friday afternoon during a Tampa Tiger Bay Club luncheon when a member asked him to better define his claims that “blogs” are saying “things aren’t great” in Tampa.


Convicted Bristol Palin stalker now working in the Capitol

A man convicted of stalking Bristol Palin is now working in the Capitol in Juneau. Peter Paul Ferrero, who goes by Peter Paul on Facebook, was convicted of stalking the daughter of former Governor Sarah Palin in 2014. According to Court View, he pled guilty to the charge. This ADN article, Florida m


'Carer-feeder': Gillibrand plays up motherhood in 2020 race

WASHINGTON - Kirsten Gillibrand had a flurry of pots on the stove and steak, haddock, peas, steamed vegetables and rice on the menu. She had a cable news appearance coming up in a few hours, but for now, her 10-year-old son entertained the family goldendoodle, Maple, a few feet away.


In 'Nobody's Looking At You,' The Author Finds Herself Part Of The Story

At a certain point in her new collection Nobody's Looking at You, pulling together previously uncompiled essays, Janet Malcolm fails — and it's fascinating. It happens in a profile of Rachel Maddow. During one conversation with Maddow, New Yorker writer Malcolm recounts, she learned the host "marks


Here's what became of the losers of every presidential election since 2000

Every presidential election has its winners and its losers. The unsuccessful candidates move on to different careers with different paths. Some are still active in politics today while others have virtually disappeared.


Presidential Candidates' Tax Returns

Your tax returns are private information, whether you are just an average Tom, Dick, or Harry, or Harry Truman, President of the United States. For many years now, most presidents have chosen to make their tax returns public in some form as a means of establishing trust with the American people. In


'The View': Meghan McCain Roasts Cory Booker After He Announces Presidential Run

New Jersey Senator and democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker was a guest on The View last Friday, and Meghan McCain did not go easy on him. Booker finally made his 2020 presidential bid official last week with an ad that emphasized his dedication to low-income communities and bipartisan unit


Dan Fagan: Politics at its ugliest to prevent Steve Scalise from speaking on gun violence

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise is a statesman and champion for the cause of freedom. He almost lost his life for his beliefs after a gunman, a left-wing activist, shot and almost killed him. If anyone knows gun violence, it’s Scalise. And yet House Judiciary Democrats denied him the opportunity