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NSA No. 6 in poll

The Lady Saints basketball team came in at No. 6 in the weekly state poll. At 15-6, the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy girls’ basketball team is holding steady in the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association Division II weekly poll. NSA has been at the sixth spot for the last two weeks.


Peraton Included in NSA’s Trusted System Integrators Program; Roger Mason Quoted

Peraton has been certified as a trusted integrator for the National Security Agency/Central Security Service’s Commercial Solutions for Classified program. The company said Monday its inclusion in the trusted integrators list enables it to integrate commercial systems into the infrastructure of nati


TOUGH TALK: Netanyahu & NSA Bolton Respond to Iranian Threat to ‘Raze Tel Aviv’: Will Be ‘Last Anniversary of the Revolution They Celebrate’

Prime Minister/Defense Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, visited the Haifa navy base where he was met by the navy’s Vice Admiral, Eli Sharvit, who briefed him on the navy’s abilities against threats that face Israel today.


Real alien caught on film - This picture will soon be removed by the NSA

This is a very rare photograph of an alien that crashlanded to earth. This photograph was taken in Brazil right after a UFO crashlanded earth. The picture has been uploaded to the internet numerous times and each time this picture was uploaded it was deleted, it didn't matter which platform it was.


U.S. cyber force credited with helping stop Russia from undermining midterms

Senators from both political parties on Thursday praised the military’s cyber force for helping secure last year’s midterm elections, with one suggesting it was largely due to U.S. Cyber Command that the Russians failed to affect the 2018 vote.


Information System Security Professional – Entry/Mid-Level – San Antonio Location – San Antonio Jobs

Job title: Information System Security Professional – Entry/Mid-Level – San Antonio Location. Job description: Requirements The professionals at the National Security Agency (NSA) have one common goal: to protect our nation. The mission requires a strong offense and a steadfast defense. The offense


NSA robotics to compete in world championship

The coach and members of Nansemond-Suffolk Academy’s Hexadecimal student robotics team said they were stunned to qualify for the world championships in just the fifth year of the team.


4 Reasons to Believe the Deep State (or the NSA) Created Bitcoin

Who is the creator of Bitcoin? The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, who has written the Bitcoin Whitepaper, has never been identified. Since 2009, there have been many theories of whom created Bitcoin. Some even think the NSA created it.


NSA Video Network to Debut in Spring

The National Steeplechase Association, in partnership with video provider TPH Productions, will inaugurate professionally produced TV programing of steeplechase race meets for the upcoming 2019 season. The launch of the National Steeplechase Association Network follows the debut of high-definition v


NSA and Silicon Valley -- 25 years of history

This is admittedly self-indulgent, but I was recently interviewed by Cyberinsecurity News about my involvement in technology and national security policy over the years, and the result might be of interest to those who weren't there for the fights that still shape the policy environment. A sample:


Thursday's local scoreboard

First period—1. R, Hunter McFarlane (Aaron Huglen, Taylor Jacobson) 5:14; 2. R, Josh Olson (Jordan Moser, Jarrett Nelson) 13:52. Third period—3. CRO, Brock Heppner PP (Joey Doda) 11:41; 4. R, Paul Huglen PP (A. Huglen, Gavin Gunderson) 12:41; 5. CRO, Quinn Westlake PP (Ben Andringa, Jack Doda) 15:25


Cybersecurity general tells senators that Russia still presents a threat to U.S.

WASHINGTON — Two-plus years after America's intelligence community concluded that Russia hacked U.S. social media in an effort to disrupt the 2016 presidential election, the nation's top cybersecurity officer said Russia still presents a threat.


Everyone, From the NSA to Netflix, Is Watching You

The Internet stores all kinds of personal information about its users, from their text messages to photos, videos, speech, and so on. Though we wish the Internet to be a safe, secure space where our data is protected from third parties all the time, the truth is that this is not the case at all. Whe


Egypt: Set Independent Torture Inquiry

(Beirut) – The Egyptian authorities’ failure to end or impartially investigate torture and mistreatment in detention facilities reinforces an urgent need for an independent international inquiry, Human Rights Watch said today. As a party to the United Nations Convention Against Torture, Egypt should


NSA Geography Bee winners

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Saints come in at No. 9

The Saints boys’ basketball team came in at No. 9 in the weekly Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association Division II poll. This was the final poll of the regular season before the Saints start their postseason journey next week in the conference tournament.


NSA dominates in win over Cape Henry

The Lady Saints put together a 22-point win in their home matchup with Cape Henry Collegiate Tuesday night. The Nansemond-Suffolk Academy girls’ basketball team improved to 15-6 after the 51-28 win. The Lady Saints started the game off by holding Cape Henry to zero points in the opening quarter whil


Profile: Tackling the NSA’s Innovation Challenge

Get exclusive analysis delivered to your inbox daily. Innovation in Government isn’t generally a phrase that rolls off the tongue, but in a relatively unconstrained threat environment, innovation has become synonymous with survival.


Sheriffs Warn ICE Could Be Forced To Release 8,300 Criminal Aliens

America’s sheriffs are warning Congress to stop a proposed backroom deal that would institute a ceiling on the number of illegal immigrants that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can detain.


What’s Behind the CCP’s Differing Treatment of Two Huawei Arrests?

On January 8, 2019, the Polish National Security Agency arrested Mr. Wang Weijing, a sales director at the Polish Branch of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, together with a former senior officer of the Polish National Security Agency, for suspicion of espionage. Huawei immediately sacked Wan