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Biden's 2020 opening? Dem field missing foreign policy hand

WASHINGTON (AP) — In town halls, television interviews and social media posts, Democratic presidential candidates are touting their support for "Medicare-for-all," higher taxes on the wealthy and a war on climate change. But foreign policy, one of the chief responsibilities of a president, is largel


George Conway Names The Donald Trump Character Trait That Now Drives U.S. Foreign Policy

George Conway, whose wife is top White House aide Kellyanne Conway, called out President Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy on Friday. In two tweets, the conservative attorney shared “further examples of the impact of American foreign policy” that was “now being driven more by one man’s narci


Europe Now Pays The Price Of The Anti-Assad Jihad: Where Will Foreign Fighters Go?

On Twitter, apparently the US president’s preferred forum to reveal foreign policy and state decisions, Donald Trump asked “Britain, France, Germany and other European allies to take back over 800 ISIS captured in Syria” from 44 countries. Otherwise, Trump will “release them” without specifying wher


North Korean media confirm Kim Jong Un is on train to 2nd summit

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un was on a train Sunday to Vietnam for his second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, state media confirmed. NORTH KOREA DRAGGING FEET ON PLEDGE TO TURN OVER AMERICAN REMAINS, AS 2ND SUMMIT LOOMS.


As Domestic Policy and as Foreign Policy, Trump's Automobile Tariffs Would Be a Disaster

It takes a special kind of recklessness for a president to pursue a policy that could simultaneously smash blue-collar jobs across the South, rattle corporate shareholders on Wall Street, and wreck a decades-long close relationship with Europe's largest economic power—and to do it all while practica


‘No rush’: Trump redefines success ahead of second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Days ahead of his second summit with Kim Jong Un, President Trump is redefining success in his bid to force North Korea to relinquish its nuclear program, tamping down public expectations amid evidence that Pyongyang has done little to curb its weapons production.


Trump seeks new momentum with pivot to foreign policy

President Trump , who has been embroiled in one of the most difficult stretches of his presidency, has a chance to win some positive headlines and build some new momentum in the coming weeks on foreign policy.


Sunday shows preview: Mueller report in spotlight

Special counsel Robert Mueller 's final report is expected to be in the spotlight Sunday as lawmakers hit the morning show circuit amid debate over how much of the report will be made public when it is finally submitted.


Rep. Gabbard defends controversial foreign policy positions

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has received a lot of attention and criticism for her foreign policy views and actions, including her 2017 meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad. She tells Ali Velshi that she’s “interested in the truth and the facts.”


Saudi Arabia appoints first female ambassador to the U.S

Saudi Arabia on Saturday named Princess Reema bint Bandar as its new ambassador to the U.S., a move that comes as relations between the two countries continue be tested over the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.


Following the Foreign Policy Money Trail in Washington

The 2016 elections awakened Americans to a startling reality: the country’s political system is ripe for foreign interference. The Russians took full advantage of social media with bot armies and through unregistered foreign agents. While their influence garnered considerable attention and has led t


The Smith & Wesson Model 39: The Old Gun You Don't Want to Mess With

One of the earliest American nine-millimeter pistols was adopted for wartime service to take out enemy sentries… and barking dogs. The Smith & Wesson Model 39 semi-automatic handgun served U.S. Navy SEALs during the Vietnam War and then went on to become one of the American nine-millimeter high capa


5 reasons why Trump’s initiative to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide is DOA

For a brief moment during the past week, it looked like the Trump administration may have actually done something good. In a surprise move, Trump’s ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell announced that he was leading an initiative to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. About 70 countries ha


It’s Foreign Policy That Distinguishes Bernie This Time

The conventional wisdom is that Bernie Sanders is a victim of his own success. His “populist agenda has helped push the party to the left,” declared The New York Times in its story about his presidential announcement. But in 2020, he may lose “ground to newer faces who have adopted many of his ideas


What's the Trump Doctrine? Depends who you ask

Washington (CNN)On Dec. 19, President Donald Trump announced one of his most consequential foreign policy decisions: the rapid withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The snap decision ultimately prompted the departure of his well-regarded Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, and continues to confound lawm


The Memo: Mueller report won’t end Trump’s legal woes

President Trump will not be out of legal peril even after special counsel Robert Mueller delivers his final report — especially given that investigations by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), among others, are pressing in on him.


Trump taps Kelly Knight Craft as U.N. ambassador

If confirmed, Craft would fill a vacancy left after Nikki Haley resigned and State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert withdrew from consideration. President Donald Trump on Friday night announced he will nominate current Ambassador to Canada Kelly Knight Craft as his next United Nations ambassado


What triggered the escalation of US-Venezuela policy?

Two days after taking office in January 2017 President Donald Trump surprised White House staff by asking for a briefing on Venezuela. At the time, Fernando Cutz was on the National Security Council staff as the President's Director for South America.


The Sanders Foreign Policy Advantage

Bernie Sanders’s most prominent message is economic, organized around a critique of capitalist inequality, an indictment of the ultrawealthy and a call for expansive new social programs. It helped propel him to a strong second in the 2016 Democratic primary campaign and has returned as the marquee m


Here's who has been charged in Robert Mueller's probe

Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation shows signs of wrapping up. When it does, he will submit a report on his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and potential ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. That report, which is expected to be submitted so