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Ben Carson touts public housing funding in Philly visit

When U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson visited Philadelphia on Thursday, he announced the agency has awarded $74 million to public housing authorities across the country to help families reach self-sufficiency.


Admires Ben Carson for his humility

In leaders, including government leaders, there seems to be a long abandoned virtue, one that is opposed by slander, retribution and presently gloating. This forgotten quality is most exemplified by one man in government I truly admire. The man is Ben Carson and the virtue, humility. You know him, t


Ben Carson Cancelled Black History Month Event And Has Been Replaced By Tim Scott

When you think of Black History, Ben Carson and Sen. Tim Scott don’t come to mind. They can’t even admit their president is a racist. Nonetheless, these are the two people the GOP has chosen to tap dance for Black History Month.


It's not clear Ben Carson suggested illegal immigrants should be stripped of citizenship

Did President Donald Trump’s secretary over the Department of Housing and Urban Development claim that undocumented immigrants who vote illegally should lose their citizenship?


HUD Secretary Ben Carson visits Akron to announce grants for domestic violence programs

AKRON, Ohio — U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson was in Akron Friday to announce the awarding of $202 million in federal grants to homeless programs throughout the country. Specifically, $50 million will go towards assisting survivors of domestic violence, dating v


HUD Official Ben Carson Sent To ‘Live’ In NYC Public Housing Is One Of Trump’s Sunken Place Frauds

Secretary of HUD Ben Carson sent one of President Trump’s most loyal Black supporters Monday to live temporarily in New York City public housing to find out what we already know about the poor quality of the projects.


Ben Carson: Trump gets no credit for record-low minority unemployment

Democrats didn’t cheer President Trump’s pat on the back for pushing minority unemployment to record lows during Tuesday’s State of The Union Address. But Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said it’s undeniable and challenges others’ beliefs.


The Best People: Trump’s Cabinet of Horrors

Let's forget about the Giant Orange Menace for a moment, if that's at all possible, and check out how "The Best People" are doing. You remember, President Trump promised to staff his cabinet with only the best. Space doesn't permit an examination of all the abominations that have traversed this feti


Ben Carson Destroys Dems After They Criticize His State of the Union Address

Jobs and the economy have reached record numbers for everyone under President Trump. Even though the liberal media ignores this factor, it is a huge win for Trump. One other thing he can take credit for is record low unemployment among African Americans. Trump mentioned this, much to the chagrin of


Black people's guide to the 2020 presidential campaign — at least so far

Back in 2008 America successfully elected its first black president, and we could possibly get another in 2020. (OK, I'm not holding my breath or anything.) There are two well-qualified and well-respected African-American candidates running at the time I write this: Sen. Kamala Harris of California


Humor: Trump appoints head of West Village to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

This past weekend, President Donald Trump was told by his horoscope that he needed to make some changes, so he decided that Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson was Ben CarsDONE. After kicking the House man out of the White House, Trump needed a new Secretary of HUD.


Sen. Tim Scott will speak at Charleston GOP Black History Month dinner on Fri. after Ben Carson cancels

Housing Secretary Ben Carson pulled out last week due to "scheduling conflicts" Sen. Tim Scott will deliver the keynote speech at the second annual Black History Month dinner hosted by the Charleston County Republican Party.


Meet Donald Trump’s new Georgia-bred political guru

Brian Jack proved himself to Donald Trump in 2016 as the lead operative charged with locking down Republican delegates during a dramatic nomination fight. Now, the Georgian has earned a higher-profile gig ahead of another testy election cycle.


Republicans Have No Outreach to Black Voters, Party Strategist Warns: Donald Trump Attacks 'Every Person of Color'

A Republican strategist has warned that the party is failing to engage with black voters on issues important to them, a problem compounded by President Donald Trump continuing to offend people of color.


Deal reached for Ben Carson, HUD to help fix NYC's notorious public housing system

Trump administration housing officials and New York City announced a deal Thursday in which the federal government will take greater control of the city's embattled Housing Authority amid complaints that tenants live amid deplorable conditions -- including lead paint, rats, mold and lack of heat and


Tim Scott calls on Virginia to address its 'obvious looming' racial scandal

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott waited until the last two minutes of his 20-minute speech at the Charleston County GOP Black History banquet Friday night to condemn the latest racial scandal to rock American politics in the modern era, this time in Virginia.


HUD boss Ben Carson says de Blasio's reputation hinges on NYCHA turnaround

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson says the pressure is directly on Mayor de Blasio to set things right in the city’s problem-plagued public housing system — NYCHA.


Howard Schultz is this year’s Ben Carson

As former Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz floats a “centrist independent” White House run, he’s said that the Democratic Party started losing him “when the party started shifting so far left to progressive policies” that were as implausible as President Trump’s notion that “Mexicans were go


Monica brings the heat — and a one-on-one with Ben Carson

HUD Secretary Ben Carson announced with Mayor Bill De Blasio that an independent monitor will be appointed by HUD to oversee NYC public housing. “I expect individuals like yourself to keep a spotlight on what is going on," Secretary Carson said. "It’s the best tools to make sure things are being don


Meet Trump’s Worst!

The votes are in, and the winner of the Worst Trump Cabinet Member competition is … First time a secretary of commerce has ever won the title. Don’t let me hear you complaining that this administration hasn’t accomplished anything.