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13 Of The Most Unsettling Gifs Ever, Courtesy Of The Internet - 44 mins ago

For me, the thought of forgetting to wear pants in public or having to perform adult tasks like paying taxes are truly the most terrifying things I can think of. While my...

Brit found dead at Spanish airport had 'slice of ham on each buttock and his genitals in tuna can'

mirror - 11 hours ago

The latest bizarre details have emerged as police continue to investigate 51-year-old Steven Allford's death Steven Allford was found tied to a bench with his trousers pu...

Woman suing KFC for 16,000,000 because 'family bucket wasn't filled to the top' - 5 hours ago

The woman was so disappointed with the lack of chicken in the Family bucket, she hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit (Picture: Getty Images) It's dubbed finger lickin' goo...

6 Times The U.S. Backed Murderous Dictators For Its Own Interests - 3 hours ago

After becoming an elected government official, be it a mayor, state senator, or even President of the United States, the well-being of the nation becomes your top priorit...

Wedding photographers reveal exactly how they know a bride and groom aren't a match made in heaven

mirror - 17 mins ago

Happiest day of your life? Who doesn't love a wedding? All those warm and fuzzy feelings, all the lovely outfits, the pretty flowers, the speeches, the dancing - the BOOZ...

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Smiling 5-Day-Old Gives Hope To Preemie Parents Everywhere - Yesterday

A photo of a premature baby smiling wide has gone viral Almost two years after the birth of her daughter, a thankful mom shared a picture of the 5-day-old baby, born duri...

'Jessica Jones' Hires All Women Directors for Season 2, Showrunner Says

Variety - Yesterday

All 13 episodes of the second season of "Marvel's Jessica Jones" will be directed by women, according to executive producer and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg. Rosenberg d...

Jessica Jones Season 2 Will Be Directed Entirely By Women - Yesterday

The superhero universe is quickly learning just how popular and powerful female leading characters can be, but many are still waiting for Hollywood to catch up to their n...

Singer Kneels in Protest While Performing National Anthem at Miami Heat Game

People - Yesterday

In a page out of Colin Kaepernick's book, singer Danasia Lawrence kneeled during her performance of the national anthem at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami on Friday -...

The 'Star Wars' Stormtrooper Decanter and Shot Glass Will Let You Toast to the Dark Side - Yesterday

Star Wars fans, rejoice. A decanter and shot glass inspired by Stormtrooper helmet molds from the 1976 Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope film now exist. The flint glass c...

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'Black Hills' book review: Unraveling a crime in grimy South Dakota oil town

NY Daily News - 1 hour ago

Brother and sister duo Franklin and Jennifer Schneider take readers into the badlands of South Dakota where a once run-down town has come to life thanks to an oil boom. ...

Sharon Osbourne splashes out a 3,000 smart mattress 'to stop Ozzy cheating again'

mirror - 7 hours ago

Sharon Osbourne was cheated on by Ozzy Sharon Osbourne is doing everything to save her marriage - even splashing out a fancy mattress to reportedly stop her hubby Ozzy fr...

Andrew Lincoln talks 'The Walking Dead's' bloody season seven premiere

NY Daily News - 5 hours ago

Pulling secrets from Andrew Lincoln about the new season of "The Walking Dead" is tougher than trying to pry a dull knife wedged in a zombie's skull. That's because no ...

Tiger Woods doesn't regret cheating on his ex-wife Elin Nordegren

FOXNews - 2 hours ago

Tiger Woods has one regret, and it's not the 2009 cheating scandal that led to the end of his marriage to Elin Nordegren. The 40-year-old professional golfer revealed the...

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks spotted on a make or break spa trip after sexting upset

mirror - 2 hours ago

The pair were seen chatting before heading into Champneys Health Resort Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna on a spa break She's struggling to trust him again after finding out ...

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Top 15 Wrestlers WWE Has No Clue How To Use - 2 hours ago

There is a lot of talent in the WWE. We have superstars who are often viewed as superheroes who can lift large amounts thought humanly impossible, or reach heights that o...

College Football Playoff: Projected top 4 after Week 8

FanSided - 2 hours ago

Oct 22, 2016; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines players celebrate after the game against the Illinois Fighting Illini at Michigan Stadium. Michigan won 41-8. Mandat...

4 key storylines to follow for Talladega mayhem

FOX Sports - 1 hour ago

The math for today's Hellman's 500 at Talladega Superspeedway couldn't get any simpler. Twelve drivers go into the race still in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Just...

Saints DT Nick Fairley to play Sunday just days after his mother's passing

FOX Sports - 1 hour ago

New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Nick Fairley will play against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday just days after unexpectedly losing his mother, Paula Rodgers. She was...

RotoExperts' Sunday Morning Fantasy Football Live Chat

NY Daily News - 16 mins ago

There are two teams on a bye for Week 7. Make sure all of your Panthers and Cowboys players are inactive for your fantasy football lineups. If you need help with decisio...

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Meet the first guy Steve Jobs ever fired at Apple ... and he wasn't even an employee

Business Insider - 2 hours ago

Michael Geary in 1976, when he met Steve Jobs.Michael Geary Michael Geary has been a programmer living in Silicon Valley since before the world called it Silicon Valley....

Tea Drinkers Forfeit Sugar in Egypt as Currency Shortage Spreads

Bloomberg - 9 hours ago

‘Now we have to cut even the tea we drink?’ says El-Sayed Sugar prices jumped 47% this year on poor harvest in Brazil

Fast-food chains like KFC and Arby's are fixing a big customer service problem - and it's paying off

Business Insider - 14 hours ago

Last year, Chick-fil-A beat out all other fast-food chains in the US in terms of per unit sales, averaging nearly $4 million in sales per restaurant. The reason for Chic...

8 countries with the highest quality of life

Business Insider - 3 hours ago

The Organization for Economic Cooperation recently ranked 34 countries to see which ones had the best quality of life. They looked at parameters of well-being, like work-...

AT&T seeks to buy Time Warner for nearly $86bn

BBC - 1 hour ago

US telecoms giant AT&T has announced that it will buy entertainment group Time Warner for nearly $86bn (70bn). The deal - one of the biggest this year - still needs appro...

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Haiti prison break: 174 inmates escape after killing guard

CNN - 8 hours ago

The inmates escaped from the Arcahaie prison Saturday A dozen have been captured

1 dead after 2 explosions hit Japanese city; suicide suspected

USA Today - 12 mins ago

Police officers investigate near a damaged wooden bench, right, following an explosion at a park in Utsunomiya, north ...more Police officers investigate near a damaged w...

Cameroon train crash death toll as high as 73, rescuers say

AP - Yesterday

ESEKA, Cameroon (AP) - The death toll from an overloaded train that derailed in Cameroon has risen, rescue workers and hospital staff said Saturday, estimating that at le...

Somali pirates free 26 hostages after nearly 5 years in captivity, group says

CNN - 3 hours ago

Of the 29 hostages seized, three men died Hostages were from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam

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Tech Q&A: Avoid this Facebook hoax, turn photos into fun videos

FOXNews - 4 hours ago

Illustration picture. Don't fall for this Facebook hoax Q: I saw a post on Facebook that said all of my posts were about to become public. Has Facebook changed its priv...

Orbital ATK Cygnus Supply Ship Arrives at Space Station - 3 hours ago

A robotic Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo ship arrives at the International Space Station on Oct. 23, 2016 to deliver 5,100 lbs. of supplies and science gear to the outpost's si...

Oh Good, MIT Made an AI Nightmare Machine

Gizmodo - Yesterday

Image: MIT If Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking's foreboding pronouncements about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence don't have you spooked enough, MIT has deliberately l...

Internet of Things gets its zombie apocalypse, and this is just the beginning

Mashable - 13 hours ago

Winter is here. The Internet of Things (IoT) winter, that is. All those digital routers, DVRs, "smart" kitchen appliances and IP-enabled cameras you assumed were innocuo...

This worm-like robot is under development for robotic surgery

Business Insider - 2 hours ago

The Single-Actuator Wave robot, or SAW, is a robot that travels by moving its body parts in a wave-like motion. Although the robot functions differently from how a worm w...

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International Space Station Accepts First Delivery From Virginia in 2 Years

NBC News - 1 hour ago

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - The International Space Station has received its first shipment from Virginia in more than two years. Orbital ATK's cargo ship pulled up at the ...

Gotcha: Space Station Grabs Onto NASA's 5,100-Pound Cargo Craft

NPR - 2 hours ago

Enlarge this image The Cygnus resupply craft slowly approaches the International Space Station - and its waiting robotic arm, the Canadarm2 - Sunday morning. "Low-tempera...

7 Things You Should Know About Epilepsy

SELF - 2 hours ago

If all you know about seizures and epilepsy comes from movies, chances are you picture a person shaking violently and foaming at the mouth after seeing too many flashing ...

3D Universe Theater - 28 mins ago

If you are an astronomy buff, there are plenty of star maps you can find in print or online (or even on your Smartphone). But if you are a science fiction fan (or writer)...

7 Daily Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Mental Health

Daily Beast - 2 hours ago

Experts gave us insight into practices you may think are harmless, but are in fact disrupting your peace of mind. Robin Hilmantel, Life by Daily Burn I used to wake up ea...

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Women's soccer star undergoes surgery to remove brain tumor

FOXNews - 4 hours ago

Lauren Holiday in 2015. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) Former U.S. women's national team star Lauren Holiday had surgery on Thursday to remove a brain tumor. She was diagno...

BOO! Did you really see a ghost?

FOXNews - 5 hours ago

Seeing a shadowy figure out of the corner of your eye or hearing footsteps in the attic may set your mind racing with thoughts about the paranormal. But, before you call ...

The One Ingredient Beauty Bloggers Are Obsessed With

Yahoo! - 5 hours ago

Peek into my medicine cabinet and you'll see raw honey and ground cinnamon. Open my fridge and you'll find a bottle of Mother Dirt face mist. What can I say, I'm all for ...

VBAC: What every pregnant woman needs to know

FOXNews - 4 hours ago

(HandanOzcelebi) If you've had a previous cesarean delivery, chances are you're hoping to have a vaginal delivery the next time around. The American College of Obstetri...

Twitter Teaches Us How To #BeRomanticIn4Words

Distractify - Yesterday

I am currently single and have been for a quite a while now. Part of the problem is that I cannot even begin how to figure out how to get out of this rut. And do you know...

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